Laboratory will develop new concept, understanding particularly well through experimental activities dealing with measuring, drawing, counting, weighing, averaging, estimating, recording, comparing, analyzing. So, B.G.S College of Education has fully equipped and well maintained laboratories. They serve the teaching and practical purpose to motivate the method of teaching of science.

Psychology Laboratory:

There are many areas in which experimental studies can appropriate, strictly empherical research. The experimental studies of psychology have brought a scientific status. Therefore psychology lab is an inevitable part of B.Ed course.

The psychology lab of BGS College of Education is well ventilated and spacious. It is well equipped with multiple sets of apparatus for simple experiments related to educational psychology like /    Suggested list of Practica

List A   

  • Case study, Intelligence test, (Verbal test of Intelligence Eg. Group test ,Non verbal test of Intelligence Eg. Raven’s Progressive n matrices, Performance test of Intelligence Eg. Bhatia’s Performance test of intelligence)  
  • Aptitude test Eg. Differential Aptitude Test battery (A part of it)
  • Attitude scales Eg Mysore teacher attitude scale, Science attitude scale, Social attitude scale 
  • Personality Test (Eysenck’s  personality inventory ,Cattell’s 16 PE   )
  • Adjustment Inventory (For secondary student (AISS) Sinch and singh, For college student (AICS) Sinha and Singh,Bell’s Adjustment Inventory )   
  • Socio-metry (may be done in peer groups) 
  • Achievement Motive Test, Eg: Deo Mohan Achievement motive Test (Schools), Achievement Motive Test (Bharagva) (Colleges) 
    Study Habits Inventory, Eg : Palsane – Sharma’s study habits inventory,  Mukhyopadhya’s study habits inventory.  
    Self concept questionnaire Eg : Rajkumar Saraswath’s self concept questionnaire. 
    Job satisfaction scale Eg : Dixit’s primary and secondary teachers job satisfaction scale. 
    Anxiety Test : Eg. Sinha’s Comprehensive Anxiety Test. 
    Interest Tests : Eg. Educational interest records – SVIB / Thurstone’s schedule.
    Problem Solving Ability Test, Eg. Dubey’s Problems solving ability test 
    Emotional Intelligence test : Eg :   Shailendra Singh’s Emotional Intelligence test, mangal’s Emotional Intelligence Test, Sanjay and Anukool Hyde’s Emotional Intelligence test.
    Any other relevant test

  • List-B 

  • Directed observation, Division of attention, Restriction of movement on Motor learning, Bilateral transfer (Mirror drawing Experiment), Retroactive inhibition, Memory tests, Conditioning of winking reflex, Mental fatigue (adding sheet test), Association test, Learning tests(Whole and part learning, Spaced and unspaced learning).

  • Science Laboratory:

    BGSCE is having exclusive, spacious and well equipped labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and also store room for each laboratory. Highly qualified and experienced faculty gives hands on guidance to the students to make use of the facilities. All of the individual laboratories are provided with multiple sets of science apparatus required to perform and demonstrate the experiments prescribed in the syllabus for secondary/Senior secondary classes. Chemicals and apparatus are in the required quantity and of high quality. The science laboratories have been provided with working table and demonstration tables with cupboards, selves, well equipped with water and gas fittings. The management is also bound to improve the laboratory facilities from time to time by progressively adding all such instruments and equipments which contribute to the richness and verity to the courses offered.

    Computer Laboratory:

    Computer laboratory is termed as a digital library which is easiest resource of education which a equipped with latest configuration and with LAN and Internet facilities.



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